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City of Beats » Balance Update Notes for v20230512

This update contains lots of smaller quality of life & balance tweaks, many of which were directly suggested by our community, including:

  • buffed some traits & extensions to make progression more rewarding & noticeable
  • increased trait limits, meaning that you can now upgrade more traits before reaching the limit (which depends on your current campaign progress)
  • slightly reduced HP & damage of some enemies, e.g. the hunting mines and chapter 1 bosses
  • tweaks for Challenge 6 – the “Keep Your Distance” instability now shows danger circles and has a reduced radius; “They Do Not Trust You” duration was reduced as well
  • decreased acid movement slowdown to make it less punishing
  • increased enemy stun duration when getting hit by a barrel
  • moved Barry closer to the hovercar because some of you still manage to miss/ignore him, how dare you