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Assault Android Cactus » Balance Improvements and Developer Commentary

This update incorporates the beneficial changes and bug fixes that had occurred elsewhere since our last Steam release.

In collaboration with feedback from some of our most dedicated players, we’ve given the Androids a tuning pass and overall higher scores can now be obtained, so attack those leaderboards anew!

We have also added a Developer Commentary mode! Enabled via Audio Options in the Main Menu, you can now play through the campaign while hearing the three of us reminisce and shed light on the AAC development process.

Changes and Improvements
  • The majority of Androids have received buffs to their Primary and Secondary weapons
  • Lemon and Liquorice have received small increases to their Secondary AOE’s
  • The window for triggering the multi-kill bonus (‘surge’ bonus) has been increased, allowing it to be utilised by more characters under more circumstances
  • The Time Bonus in campaign levels has been increased
  • Developer Commentary can be enabled via the Options > Audio menu

  • Reinstated the Battery collection screen edge effect
  • Layer 37 of Infinity Drive has been made less mean
  • In Boss Rush, dying bosses no longer delay the spawn of the next boss
  • Improved enemy behaviour on Centrifuge (zone 5 – 1)
  • Many small improvements, fixes and tweaks

Known Issues
  • DX9 support has been dropped – this may impact users of older Windows operating systems