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Crafty Survivors » Backup & Bug Fixes – v0.4.1.4

Patch Notes – v0.4.1.4

Backup Save File System

We implemented a new backup save file system to avoid loss of progress. Every 15 minutes the game will create a backup save file in the same folder as your normal save file. Upon starting the game and reaching the screen where you can select the areas to go, the game will check if your save was gone or reset and will restore it by making it the same as your backup.
We also changed when the game first tries to access your save to better ensure the steam integration is working properly before.

Backups will only be created with this update! The game doesn’t have a backup of any save files prior to this and the first backup will only be created after 15 minutes of playing the game in version

For players that choose to delete their save files on the settings screen, the backup will also be deleted.

We hope this new addition mitigates any loss of progress by players.

  • Players using keyboard and mouse can now click on the notifications at the bottom of the screen to close them faster.

Stoverick, the Chef
  • Stoverick can now accumulate up to 2 Bistro Stacks per enemy when applying the 5 different status available to his arsenal of skills.
    So now making an enemy chopped, spiced, roasted, candied and frosted will give two bistro stacks instead of one.

Hanvilton, the Blacksmith
  • Hanvilton can now dodge while performing the Stress Test skill to cancel it.


Breaded Tilapia nerf:

  • The effect has a cooldown of 1 second now.

  • Increased the radius used for collectables to merge with each other. We hope this reduces the amount of objects on the floor and increase overall performance;
  • Changed the quantity buttons of the Financing System and added a Max Invest button to change the value to the maximum amount possible.

Bug Fixes
  • Added a check to give the Breaded Tilapia recipe to players that used the latest restoration branch;
  • Fixed an issue with Corntling Gun’s Skill Tree not displaying properly as some images were missing reference;
  • Fixed an issue with Sewing Journey not dealing damage to enemies;
  • Fixed some texts;
  • Fixed an issue when performing a Dual Axes Stress Test Skill while the Water Augment was active Hanvilton, creating way more food effects than intended;
  • Fixed an issue with the movement speed buff not being applied properly for enemies that are already very fast. We implemented a cap to avoid unfair enemies but it made enemies slower instead. That is fixed now and they just wont receive the buff.
Next Steps:

Now that we were able to adjust the game to have its own backup method, we hope this can help with any issues related to loss of progress. We were not able to replicate any loss of progress on our saves on different computers and the Steam Deck, so we were not able to figure out what could be the cause of the issue that plagued a few players so far. We know it is really frustrating and we hope this new update will help with this from now on.

We can now properly resume the development of the 8th character to join the roster of Crafty Survivors. Most of their animations and skills are already complete, and we will soon begin to implement them in the game. Here is another sneak peek on the character:

What is their profession?

We will also continue to adapt the game’s structure to receive localizations in the near future. We already began to localize portion of the content in our native language and we will soon search for partners for other languages. So keep an eye out for it! We will add localizations as we are able to find appropriate partners for each language, so we ask for your patience while we are making these next steps.

As we mentioned before, we think it is good to remind everyone that the newest content of the game won’t be released with their localization. As the game is in Early Access and there’s always chance to balance new content after its release, we will wait some time before localizing any new content.

Thank you again everyone for all your patience and for playing Crafty Survivors! We hope everyone is having as much fun playing the game as we have developing and testing it.

Anyone excited for the next character?

As usual, we want to kindly ask everyone to leave us a review here on Steam when possible, please. The reviews help a lot with the game! So if you have some spare time, please leave as a review when you have a moment. The reviews are slowly growing up! 500 reviews is the next big step for Crafty Survivors, so please, help us achieve this milestone!
Thank you for everyone who already left a review!