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Sue Shi Survival » Auto-Attacking, New Characters, Upgrades and Visuals!

Hey all, hope the holiday season has been good. We wanted to kick off the New Year with a bang so we’ve got a pretty big patch this week. 2 new characters, a new upgrade tree, enhanced visuals to give the game more depth, optional post-processing, some balance tweaks, and a brand new auto-attack setting.


Nukekubi – Fight alongside your detached head as this peculiar fighter. Can be unlocked by surviving for 4 minutes at 10 or less hp.

Onmoraki – Collect the spirits of your fallen enemies to summon spirit crows to aid you. Can be unlocked by winning a run with at least 5 Skulls equipped.

Warlock Upgrades:

Think carefully when picking these upgrades, as great power always comes at a cost. Trade in your health for various strong bonuses, but be careful not to leave yourself too wounded.


We’ve given the enemy sprites a bit of a touch up to help make them pop more, as well as enhancing the visuals with some light post-processing. By default this is enabled, but it can be completely turned off in the settings.


Not everyone likes to manually aim their attacks, and that’s okay. Whether it’s simply a preference of style or so you can focus your attention on more important things – like not getting hit – you can now enable auto-attacks in the settings menu. While enabled, your character will automatically target and swing at the nearest enemy whenever close enough. Attacks aren’t guaranteed though, they can still miss if you manage to run out of range before the swing finishes.


We’ve made a few changes to the systems to hopefully help ease the early game.

  • The cost of all Runes has been adjusted
  • The cost of most Weapons has been lowered
  • The movement speed of enemies on floors 1-4 has been lowered slightly
  • The health of bosses on floors 1-5 have been lowered slightly

As always thanks for playing, if you want to contact us or leave feedback you can do so on our Discord or in Steams Discussions. We hope you enjoy the new content and will see you again in a week for more. Happy New Year!