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Swarm Grinder » AUGUST UPDATES



  • 2 new maps
  • 10 new evolution stages
  • The range of skills that each character has access to has been updated
  • Spaceship Artillery Updated
  • Achievements Updated


New Maps

  • Two new maps named “Labyrinth” and “Garden” have been added to the game. You can access the “Labyrinth” map by unlocking the “Devotion” achievement, and the “Garden” map by unlocking the “Pesticide” achievement.
  • We built the Labyrinth map upon walls that serve as an impassable obstacle for both characters and enemies. These walls have transformed the map into a claustrophobic environment and introduced new dynamics to the gameplay.
  • In the Garden map, we have introduced new cells referred to as “Allium”, which can be described as poisonous cells. When triggered, these cells create a poison area that inflicts damage to both enemies and characters. Moreover, we have completely repositioned the enemies for this map. It offers a slightly higher level of difficulty compared to the Plateau and Labyrinth maps.

Evolution System

  • The evolution system has been added to the game as a mechanism that allows players seeking a challenge to gradually increase the difficulty. Currently, this system features 10 different difficulty variables. Some of these variables increase the required number of excavation tools to unlock, some enhance the enemies’ strength, while others accelerate the map’s spread rate, as well as the number of drills required to win.
  • Winning on any map while an evolution stage is turned on unlocks the next evolution level for all maps. This allows you to play each evolution level on every map.
  • We are planning to increase the number of evolution levels and add different content to these levels. We have ideas such as introducing new events, bosses, and various enemy types as additional content. Stay tuned for updates and follow our progress!

Character Skills

  • We have changed the accessible ability sets for characters. Now, each character has access to 5 active and 5 passive abilities that they can utilize.
  • Characters will now have access to only two types of active abilities. For Bulletstorm, these are “Rapidfire” and “Blades,” for Butcher, “Blades” and “Launcher”, and for Bombard, “Launcher” and “Rapidfire” labeled abilities.
  • The reason for this change is that we’ve observed stronger interactions between abilities with the same label, and players have been constructing builds using these shared label synergies. Now, you’ll be able to select up to 3 abilities simultaneously from both “Rapidfire,” “Blades,” and “Launcher” categories, allowing for more diverse and powerful combinations. This change is somewhat experimental for us as well. Therefore, we eagerly await your feedback. You can reach out to us through the Steam community and our Last Bite Games Discord channel. Your comments and insights are highly valuable to us!

Spaceship Artillery

  • The base damage of Spaceship Artillery has been increased from 15 to 30. It seems hitting the ability is a bit more challenging than we initially thought 😄
  • We forgot to add fuel consumption to both using and upgrading Spaceship Artillery. This has now been fixed. 🧁


  • With the changes to the evolution system and the character ability sets, some achievements have been modified, and we had to remove one achievement from the game. Don’t worry, more achievements are on the way, so stay tuned!
  • The Labyrinth map is unlocked with the “Devotion” achievement, while the Garden map is unlocked with the “Pesticide” achievement.
  • The “Omnivore” achievement has been removed from the game. Now, the “Fast Feet” achievement unlocks the Bombard character.
  • The “Valiant Glory” achievement is now unlocked when you reach the 10th evolution level in the game.
  • The “Ace Pilot” achievement is now unlocked when you win the game at the 5th evolution level without spending any points to Workshop upgrades.