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Atomicrops » Atomicrops 1.6.0f2 Patch Notes [Deerly Beloved]

We’re so excited to bring you the Deerly Beloved DLC and the spooky changes it brings for Halloween! Along with it we’re of course bringing changes all of you DLC or no! Check out the full patch notes below!

  • Big crop system rework with lots of new upgrades
  • Flowers and Sunflower Seeds do much more damage during final boss fight
  • Turret Stakes will no longer drop from large bulbs camps, it will drop from common upgrade camps
  • Chrono Weeds as 0.15 seconds, up from 0.1 seconds
  • Infinite fertilizer effects also cause player to fertilize at maximum speed
  • Removed Chrono Seeds
  • Made Cornucopias slightly easier to get during surplus mode
  • Updated car camps
  • Added new rewards to gambling shop and reduced its initial cost
  • Furryosa, Norman, and Borage’s wedding ring no longer causes a specific crop to grow instantly. They now have a 10% chance to instantly mature crops when they merge into large crops in specific biomes.
  • reduced growth speed bonus from Nitro from 10x to 7x
  • Updated moist tile art so it can still be seen when a crop is planted on it
  • Two new deervil upgrades
  • Base watering speed increased by 25%
  • Reduced health drops from Wasps, Vultures, Owls, and Lizards by half
  • Improved animations when harvesting fruit from trees
  • Can now show/hid info screen while in the loot selection screen
  • Reduced chance wacker tractor will drop a tree seed
  • Increased drop rate from Succulent Weeds upgrade
  • King Squirrel drops 100 seeds instead of upgrade seeds
  • Reduced tree drop chance
  • Tilling soil action will no longer automatically chain into ‘use pickaxe’ action with a single button hold to avoid accidental pickaxe usage
  • Sowing action for any seed will no longer automatically chain into sowing for a different seed with a single button hold to avoid accidental usage of a seed
  • ‘Cut weed’ action and ‘Till Soil’ actions are the only actions that will chain together with a single button hold
  • Improved art for elite skull attack
  • Upgrades that appear in the special festival shop have a chance to appear again later
    control glyphs for inventory HUD only show up in season 1 year 1
    Bug Fixes
  • Bug Fix – oregano seeds will no longer be sold in shops or found in place of upgrades when playing as crow
  • Bug Fix – bats will no longer get stuck in walls
  • Bug Fix – level 2 berry sprites will display again (they have been displaying as level 1 sprites)
  • Bug Fix – the mayor now celebrates during the season festival
  • Bug Fix – when playing as Rye, squirrel gun and butcher knife will get 2 bonus mods if player has acquired the relevant ant upgrades
  • Bug Fix – Mortar Bundits no longer have infinite range
  • Bug Fix – Burn damage will no longer cause random direction knockback on enemies
  • Bug Fix – fixed a visual bug that caused player to water crops randomly from across the map and caused animals and turrets to water crops without the relevant upgrades
  • bug fix – large cat statue can no longer be built by completing a daily
  • Bug Fix – Enemies in camps now have their positions reset each morning – this will reduce instances of enemies disappearing from camps, leaving them unable to be completed
  • Bug Fix – After losing fertilizing hamster, fertilizer originates from player’s position
  • Bug Fix – farm animals now face the correct direction while moving
  • Bug Fix – Soup Thermos was not working – it is now setup properly and works
  • Bug Fix – Minimap no longer has a distant spot revealed when player enters a room like the Deervil Den
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug that caused the hummingbird’s ability to be identical to the Bee’s ability. The Hummingbird now boosts neighboring crops, which is its intended behavior. (oops)
  • bug fix – Fixed Ornithumpters explosion position
  • bug fix – Ornithumpters idle properly when not attacking
  • Bug Fix – can no longer move during boss intros
  • Bug Fix – Enemy aggro state resets properly when level loads. This will reduce the chance that an enemy vanishes from a camp, leaving it unable to be completed
  • Bug Fix – Updated Sprinkler Head and Growth Aura description to specify that scarecrows also gain the effect
  • Bug Fix – Fixed final boss death animation when surplus mode is not unlocked setup deervil death animation
  • Bug Fix – Possibly fixed bug that caused gun to stop firing