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Asterogues » Asterogues Early Access Launch is Here!

Asterogues is now available in Early Access!

It’s time to put some pompous planets in their place! Dive headfirst into the chaotic bullet hell of Asterogues today! Join us in shaping the game’s destiny and sharing your cosmic adventures with our community on Discord and Steam.

Asterogues is releasing in Early Access because I want the bullet hell and roguelike fans to help set the course for the full release. Through Discord, Steam and Youtube I want to create an ongoing conversation where you guys can help me stuff this game full of exciting enemies, items, and more.

What’s in the Early Access Version and What’s to Come?

In this first wave of cosmic chaos, you’ll dive into the action with the first 5 zones and 5 planet bosses, not to mention 3 bonus playable characters to unlock! But that’s just the tip of the asteroid. The full version promises an interstellar saga featuring all the planets, as well as new characters, enemies, zones, and gear- as well as that important final showdown.

Being a solo developer, I understand there’s power in community and you can help in numerous ways:

🌕Share with your ORBIT– If you know friends, streamers and reviewers that would like Asterogues, let them know about the game. The rebellion needs new recruits!

👽INFEST the review section– After you’ve spent some time dodging and weaving through bullet hell, consider taking a break to review the game on Steam. Reviews really help the game get considered by others, and also it’s a great way to tell me what you thought of the game!

🌌Create a social PULSE– Share your playthroughs, talk about updates, and create some buzz on social media by interacting with posts and videos! Let’s crack that algorithm!

I’m very grateful and happy to see each and every person who decides to take part in the community and will be reading every single comment, suggestion, concern and meme that you post. Discord is a great place to talk directly to me as well as report bugs, and I’m excited to hear what you have to say!

So, gear up, dodge the bullet hell, and get ready to beat up planets in Asterogues! Choose your character from a band of outcasts, unleash your unique powers, and embark on a quest for revenge against the Solar System itself! 🪐🌞