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Assault Android Cactus » Assault Android Cactus+

In our biggest update since leaving Early Access in 2015, Assault Android Cactus has been upgraded with Campaign+, new costumes and a new aiming mode. To mark the occasion, Assault Android Cactus+ will be on sale, then move to a higher price point when the sale ends.


Each stage has been rebuilt with new enemy waves and dynamic elements, utilizing the game’s full arsenal of enemies for new encounters and amped up boss fights. More than just a hard mode, Campaign+ is meant to give accomplished players a new experience, new leaderboards to climb and a fresh challenge for couch co-op players.

New Costumes

Beat stages with each Android to unlock a new look!

Automatic Aim

Included under Accessibility Options, enabling Automatic Aim will take care of aiming when you don’t use the right stick or the mouse, letting players concentrate on dodging and using weapons effectively.

Preserving the core of the Cactus experience while reducing complexity, this is a game mode we think will appeal to those who struggle with the controls or anyone who wants to give their thumb a rest. The opt-in nature also makes it ideal for couch co-op sessions that involve players of different skill levels.

Other Changes and Improvements
  • Added Movie Gallery under Collections for reviewing cutscenes
  • Selecting an Androids costume is remembered and can be used for AI team members and cutscenes viewed through the Movie Gallery
  • On knockdown, hold any button to Revive, at a slightly slower rate than tapping
  • Added Revive Assist to Accessibility Options which will revive downed players without controller input (at a slower rate than tapping or holding)
  • Fingerstyle+, the new version of the Android Select / Stage Select song for Campaign+ is in the jukebox and added to the Soundtrack DLC
  • Animated Cactus silhouette on the loading screen is fun to watch
  • Too many fixes, improvements and adjustments to list

Sale and incoming Price Increase

To celebrate Assault Android Cactus+ on Steam we are going on sale on the 30th! If you’re considering picking up the game make sure you wait until we’re 50% off!

Not only is it a great price to grab the game at, once this sale is over we will be taking the unusual step of increasing the price. With the many improvements and features we’ve added over the years, and now Campaign+, we believe AAC+ is just a different and better game than what we released in 2015 and we want the price to reflect that. If you already own the game you are just receiving a free update, but we have given this a lot of thought and decided that this was the fairest way to bring content that was originally made for our Nintendo Switch release back to the PC.

We hope you understand our reasoning and if you’ve been on the fence about buying the game, that you consider grabbing it while discounted!