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Assault Android Cactus » Assault Android Cactus+ physical release on Nintendo Switch

Last year we released Assault Android Cactus on Nintendo Switch as Assault Android Cactus+ with extra content that we were then able to bring back to the Steam version in our biggest content update since leaving Early Access.

Not only was our Switch release a great version of the game, it made the Steam version better, so we hope some of you are excited to learn its escaped its digital confines and manifested in the real world!

We never expected to hold it in a box but thanks to Super Rare Games it now exists as a limited physical release! This is the perfect opportunity to own a boxed copy of the game, or a handy way to play when you’re on the move, or a way to throw money at us if you got the game in a bundle without noticing but later realised it was amazing, or a gift for friends or family members who extremely tragically may not yet know what it’s like to S+ a level or swear at a Daily Drive.

There’s only 4,000 copies so pre order yours now if you don’t want to miss out! These are region free, come with a 20 page colour manual and three randomly chosen collectable cards.

Update – sold out! There are apparently still some available in a three game bundle or you can take your chances that extra copies show up once orders have shipped and the dust has settled