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Block Tower TD » Ashlands Update

New block – Ash block

Highgrounds on this block provide 200% bonus damage, but disappear over time.

Ashen Mage

Fires 16 projectiles around himself, but disappears after 5 turns.

Empowered Crossbow

Fires 3 arrows at once instead of one.

New Tower – Replicator

Copies a random nearby tower.

New Tower – Golem

Awakens after 5 waves and absorbs stones around itself, increasing damage for each stone absorbed.

New research – Hammer

Allows you to destroy tree, stone, gold deposit or crystal on the block.

Additional changes:
  • New map
  • New research card – replace block type
  • Gamepad support
  • German and Simplified Chinese localization
  • Pause menu
  • General UI improvement

Next map is coming in December, stay tuned for the updates!