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Army of Ruin » Army of Ruin – Available now!

Today we’re releasing the 1.0 version of Army of Ruin!

During the past 8 months we’ve been in Early Access, we’ve released over 25 updates adding lots of new content and features, such as 24 playable charactes, over 100 weapons and evolutions, and over 60 different trinkets, many of which were based on the community feedback we’ve got during the whole process.

We believe Army of Ruin has become a great game with lots of contents to unlock and lots of fun to have while doing so, and we hope you think the same way, whether you are a new player or a returning backer!

As always, we’re eager to hear suggestions and feedback for future content, be it in the Steam forums, in the official Subreddit, or in the official Discord server!

We’re also releasing the official Soundtrack and new bundles to get the game combined with other items (such as our previous games) at a reduced price.

The game will have a 10% discount for the following 10 days, and you can get additional discounts with the themed bundles, such as the Army of Ruin + Soundtrack bundle or Milkstone Complete Collection bundle!