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Runic Survivor » An update on the status of Runic Survivor


As many of you probably know, Runic Survivor has been in early access since it’s release about a year ago. When I released the game I had plans to expand on it, but shortly after it’s release, I suddenly found myself in a new career (Runic was not enough to pay the bills) and a few other life-events happened at the same time, and Runic took a back seat.
As time passed, the pressure of not having made any updates for the game started adding up, creating a spiral of anxiety keeping me from working on it. I fully understand the accusations of vapour-ware in the various reviews, but I truly had every intention to update the game with more features.

With all that said, I have decided to take the game out of early access. Again, I had hoped to do this along with a large update to the game, but again the anxiety got in the way. I am hoping with this post and the move out of early access I will be able to work on the game for my own enjoyment rather than any external pressure.

I apologize to those of you that purchased the game with the expectation that more content would be released, and I hope you understand my reasoning.

Let’s hope for a better 2024!

– Jakob Stålander Sigvard