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Clockwork Survivors » An unexpected turn and future plans

This week has been a full on chaos at our small studio. For us it came out from nowhere an email dropped in my inbox stating Epic Store was letting in anyone to release their game in the same way steam was as of that moment.
Cue us dropping everything we had going on to get both of our released games into an Epic ready state, luckily for us Epic on one week of hardcore working seems to be a functional and well put together environment to release games, so most things went down without a hassle.

Now the week is nearing its end(work wise, still a lot of fun time left) and we have successfully posted both games as under review. Fingers crossed they will be released in the near term.

Now with that small gap in our work on the improvement on Clockwork Survivors we are back on track. Both on working on the mobile version and bringing you a new update hopefully including what we call internally the “Arena Mode”. A prototype for it that is, we are looking to have much more going on with it than what we can get you to play withing the next two weeks.

In the meantime while you wait for the impressive new mode and the weapons + world elements that come with it please find yourself enjoying the demo for Clockwork Survivors or grab either of our games on a biiiiig fall sale.

Have a fantastic rest of the week & love