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Slime 3K: Rise Against Despot » An Early Access Launch Wrap-Up… And a “Thank you” to Puny Humans

“playerz gud. slime lav playerz. slime thank!”

Hey, all!

We launched Slime 3K exactly two weeks ago, and it’s been an exciting Early Access phase for us so far. 🎉

What a generic opening, Jesus! Ugh. Don’t recognize myself here.

The launch was awesome, sure, but not without its hiccups lol. Some things straight-up SUCKED (launching a game without controller support, anyone?), and we’ve been busting our *sses to fix those things. As proof, we can offer four diligently delivered patches and this EA Roadmap, sealed by Despot’s honest word (however honest Despot’s word to puny humans can be.)


In general, you punies have graced us with some wicked reviews on Steam:

Man, these can really motivate a dev on a Monday morning. Even when coming from someone who just fell asleep on their keyboard. Tired from trying to beat Level 9, we presume.


It is widely known that some humans are less puny than others. That “less puny” category includes influencers and journalists who have covered Slime 3K‘s launch and thus earned Despot’s favor. Not to be confused with kindness of any sort, of course.

IGN, Vulgar Knight, and Evil Gamerz put out some rad articles. Thanks to them, even more players will have the chance to help Slime massacre little pink humans. Missi, the Achievement Huntress published a kick-*ss achievement overview. Dive in, trophy addicts.

Here are some slimy videos from YT:


That Slime character seems to be quite simple to draw, right? Nah, wrong. Do you think getting all those shades of green right is easy? And the smile? Mona Lisa would be jealous.

Here are some killer works of art depicting our well-armed gooey renegade:

By Mawa (Twitter)

By Geraic (Discord)

By nihina (Discord)

By Stripes (Discord)


Players have captured many dope screens of the Slimepocalypse; here are just a few of them:


Let’s see how many players have beaten each of the levels:

So far, only 0.9% of players have been able to get all 65 achievements. One of them? Let us know in the comments below for a pat on the back! Or join our Discord Server and brag about it there.

There you have it, a brief overview of how Slime was unleashed on the unsuspecting puny humankind. And let me guess: now you will naturally ask: “Ok, cool, well, what do I get next for my buck in this game?” That’s no problem, we got you. Our next update is going to be ready in about a month, featuring, of course, controller support and secret passive abilities. That update will be meant to increase the gameplay depth and add more ability synergies.

Thank you everybody for playing and for your feedback.


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