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Grimdark Survivors » Alpha version of Demo is available!

[Breaking News] The Demo Version of EyeLove Survival is Now Available!

The wait is finally over! The demo version of EyeLove Survival, the popular roguelite survival game, is now available for all players to experience. The demo version of the game offers a glimpse into the exciting and intense world of EyeLove Survival where players must survive against an endless horde of monsters.

In EyeLove Survival, players must gather eyes from fallen monsters and use them to level up their current run. Credits can be gathered during each run to purchase upgrades and help the next survivor. Players can also select from a wide range of upgrades to create unique and powerful builds for each run.

The demo version of EyeLove Survival offers players the chance to play as their favorite characters and weapons, each with their own special abilities. With over 30 different upgrades to choose from, players will have the chance to experience a unique and exciting run each time they play.

EyeLove Survival is designed for quick 10-20 minute play sessions, making it the perfect game for busy gamers. In the future, the game will also offer cooperative gameplay and PvP gameplay, allowing players to fight against hordes of enemies with friends or against other players in Moba-style modes.

Don’t miss your chance to experience the demo version of EyeLove Survival. Download it now and start your journey to save the world!