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Alien Hominid: Invasion » Alien Hominid Invasion UPDATE Part 1 Coming Soon

Message from the Mothership

Kicking off our first Alien Hominid Invasion update, Part 1 brings 23 new achievements, along with some hard decisions, variety, and more balance! This will be followed by Part 2 which will bolster the delight of destroying Earth with even more significant improvements and new content!

Update Patch Release Timing

Part 1 of this update will go live sometime in December.

More Achievements, Cosmetics, and CHOICES
1. 23 New Achievements

A whole new set of achievements arrive in our next update! Some of these are retro-active, AKA time-traveling achievements, meaning the game knows what you’ve done and will reward you with the new achievements next time you sign into your profile. Others will have to be earned. You’ll keep all progress made on your already hard-earned achievements, of course!

2. More Choices

What’s that you say? You like making more meaningful decisions in your invasion paths? We have great news for you, then!

There will be more deliberate pathways in the generated mission maps, making it more common to have hard choices! Uh oh! Overall Danger-Per-Level added per block has been lowered to compensate for the longer pathways that can appear.

3. More Choices 2.0

When you defeat a boss at their HQ, you can now select from a wider initial pool of Mutations, increasing randomness and making playthroughs more curious!

4. November Seasonal Attire

The aliens have observed us and increased the discoverable alien head pool with November-esque cosmetics!

Balance Pass
1. Alien Irradiator

This weapon now takes 0.3 seconds longer to reach ultra-white-hot-melting on targets.

2. Enemy Danger Level Behavior

We’ve tuned the Agency’s scaling to work differently. In later Danger Levels, enemies won’t fire bullets with as much boosted velocity as before, meaning the cloud of green death will approach you a bit slower and give you a better chance to dodge!

3. Agency Grunt Standard Issue Blaster

Grunts are massacring invaders, and still will, though their damage per-bullet output has been lowered, along with a longer time to reach maximum velocity for more of a “tell.”

4. Agency Mini-Mech Attack

Damage per-bullet output is lowered when Agents are operating the Mini-Mech. They don’t know how to use them as effectively as you!

5. Installball 2.0, Spinner of Fists

Installball’s Megaflight ability now tracks players better – “Injustice rains from above!” Stationary tantrums hurt less, because stationary tantrums shouldn’t hurt that much.

6. Lozenge Man Attack

Damage per-bullet output lowered for Lozenge Man, whose main job is supposed to be more “slowing aliens down” and less “mowing aliens down like he’s holding four blasters at once.”

7. Hunterbot Attack

Speed, range, and follow time on the Hunterbot’s projectiles have been slightly reduced, but their homing has been increased. Hunterbot attacks should still be spooky, but are now a bit more satisfying to dodge.

Other Changes
1. Update to Maximum # of Enemies, Part 2

Previously, we lowered the number of enemies that spawned per player. Now, we’ve tweaked the solo experience as well. The overall number of enemies should look less like a flood and more like a… slightly smaller flood.

2. Update to Objective Placement

Objective objects (fishbowls, ice cream, etc.) now have a greater chance of spawning lower in the level. Aliens are great climbers (and flyers!), but repeatedly needing to get to the tops of tall buildings could be especially rough on new invaders.

Part 2 Coming Soon…

NOTE: This post only covers content and balance updates. We are still reviewing all your feedback and bug reports, and there are a myriad of bug fixes coming along with this update! Keep invading, and stay tuned for more details!