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Alien Hominid: Invasion » Alien Hominid Invasion Lands November 1st!

Fellow hominids, the moment we’ve all been waiting for is almost here. No, I’m not talking about eating cheese while listening to BAPI BAPI BA light years away in the Mothership. I’m talking about INVADING. EARTH.

That’s right, Alien Hominid Invasion will be released on Wednesday, November 1, for Steam! So grab your trusted blaster, ready your alien allies, and prepare for the invasion of a lifetime.

Adding to the mayhem, Alien Hominid HD is co-launching to Steam, and both games will be available for purchase in a bundled discount! The pricing in USD is as follows:

  • Alien Hominid Invasion – $19.99
  • Alien Hominid HD – $11.99
  • Alien Hominid: The Extra Terrestrial Bundle – $24.99 for both games

Legend (factually) goes that Alien Hominid is the game that started it all for our little (big) chicken studio. Initially brought to life as a flash game for Newgrounds 21 years ago, the charming hand-drawn animations and exciting side-scroller level design inspired not only the formation of a company, but the motivation to expand the title into a retail console game and hatch what would become the beginnings of The Behemoth universe.

Two decades later, our first game baby RETURNS to modern consoles as we preserve Behemoth history and share it in new ways, all in conjunction with the release of our newest title. We can’t wait to share the world of Alien Hominid with you once again!

We’ll leave you with our newly dropped announcement trailer, jam-packed with all the chaos you’ll experience during the invasion. Thanks as always for your support, and we’ll see you on the Mothership!