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AK-xolotl » AK-xolotl Run Modifiers Are Now Live!

Hello Pond Residents,

First of all, a massive THANK YOU for the overwhelming positive response to our recent updates! Your support means the world to us. If you haven’t shared your thoughts yet, consider leaving a Steam review—it helps us know we’re on the right track! 💚

Gratitude expressed, now let’s dive into the action!

As promised in our “Chaos Unleashed” update last week, Run Modifiers are now live!

Embark on the ultimate AK-xolotl challenge with Chaos Trials, unlocked after defeating the final boss. Activate various Run Modifiers at different ranks, elevating your Chaos level. Conquer bosses at specific Chaos levels to reap bonus rewards.

Each Run Modifier spices up the game’s difficulty, so test your limits and see how much Chaos you can take!

Boost enemy damage, max HP, wave size, bid farewell to healing effects, and more—there are over 25 levels of Chaos to conquer. Remember, more Chaos equals more rewards!

Upon defeating the final boss, a new face emerges at the Pond: Zanzi, the panther. As a seasoned combat veteran, she’s here to share her wisdom and guide you on the path to becoming the ultimate fighter!

We hope you have fun in the Trials!