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AK-xolotl » AK-xolotl Quality of Life Update #3 – Halloween Edition

Hey there!

We’re excited to present to you Quality of Life Update #3 with a hint of Halloween magic! As always, we’ve sorted out crucial bugs and tweaked the game balance, but guess what? The Pond has received a festive makeover, giving it a spooky new look! Embrace the Halloween spirit with eerie decorations and seek out the thrilling Halloween-themed axolittles!

And because we believe there’s no such thing as too many axolittles, we’ve brought you a special treat in the form of collaboration axolittles from Revita, Moonlighter, Blasphemous, and Odinfall. Also, in response to popular demand, both Twitch drops axolittles are now available to all players! All of these new axolittles can be encountered during your runs.

Remember, our first major content update is on the way in late November, and we’re eager to unveil all the fantastic new features we’ve been working on. So, stay tuned for that! You can also check our updated roadmap {LINK REMOVED}here.

In the meantime, we invite you to join our Discord server and be a part of the coolest Pond Residents. Also, If you’ve been having a great time with AK-xolotl, we would be extremely grateful if you could take a moment to share your thoughts by leaving a review on our Steam store page!

Here’s the rundown of changes and improvements included in this update:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where applying a weapon specialization to an axolotl would only take effect when swapping it for another one
  • Fixed the bug with the Moosequeteer enemy where it would get stuck in corners and take a long time to attach the player
  • Fixed the issue where HP items and HP increase from HP room would apply to axolotls with the Chaotic class. HP related items are now excluded from the Chaotic class item pool
  • Remapping a keybind to B on gamepad will no longer cause the settings menu to close
  • Fixed the bug where restarting a run while the clear room reward chest is spawning would cause it to transition to the new run
  • Fixed visual bugs with both Twitch and Chadlotl axolotls
  • Sharpener item bullets now properly applies to snipers as well
  • Additional, the sharpener item bullets will no longer travel across obstacles
  • Fixed issue where rebinding the ability button would cause the original bind to still be active as well (AZERTY keyboard players will now have a better experience)
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Big Heart item description in the item shop
  • Astronaut Axolotl now has a proper eating animation
  • Fixed the issue with dart traps hitting the walls when they activate
  • Fixed collider issues in tutorial room walls
  • Fixed the issue with some item effects transitioning to a fresh run when using the restart option
  • Fixed the issue where restarting/abandoning a run while in a Shop Room or Challenge Room would give an error or start the new run with the player on a Challenge Room
  • Fixed the HP cap for Axolotl mode so it doesn’t go above the intended 10 HP
  • Fixed the bug where the Summon Ability was not spawning an item



  • Phaser: damage increased from 36 to 55
  • Scatterer: damage increased from 35 to 38 and magazine size increased from 4 to 6
  • Pond Eagle: damage increased from 44 to 54 and accuracy improved from -5 to -4
  • AK: damage increased from 44 to 60, fire rate increased from 0.3 to 0.28 and accuracy improved from 7 to 5
  • Hoggen: damage increased from 190 to 195
  • U.Z.1: damage increased from 35 to 45, accuracy improved from 12 to 10 and magazine size increased from 20 to 25
  • Vermintor: max ammo increased from 250 to 300
  • Regulator & Blaster: damage increased from 55 to 60
  • All snipers: removed default piercing effect (it can still be obtained via Items)


  • Orange Juice: shields given changed from +1 to +2
  • Sharpener: damage modification removed (was -30% dmg)
  • Mutant Fish: accuracy changed from -5 to -4
  • Robo Hand: damage changed from +30% to 75%
  • Time Based Rounds: growing overtime changed from 10% to 25%


  • Items will now automatically equip after selecting them from the chest, instead of dropping on the floor
  • Twitch drops axolittles are now available for all players, no matter if they participated in the event
  • Halloween Hub decorations + new Halloween axolittles are now available
  • New collaboration axolittles from the following games are now available: Revita, Moonlighter, Blasphemous and Odinfall
  • Added a MAC OS build + support