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AK-xolotl » AK-xolotl Quality of Life Update #2

Hey there!

We’re thrilled to bring you Quality of Life Update #2. This time, we’re diving into some high-priority bug fixes and making a few balance tweaks to keep things fresh. We’d like to remind you that we’re already cooking up some exciting new content for a big update coming your way in November. But in the meantime, we’re determined to keep refining your experience with regular Quality of Life and Bug Fixes patches to solidify the already released content in preparation for the new things coming.

As always, we want to invite you to join our Discord server and be a part of the close-knit community we have fostered there! Additionally, it will also be the best place to report any bugs you may encounter or leave your heartfelt feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for your unwavering support. We can’t wait to share more with you soon!

So, here’s the list of changes and improvements coming in this update:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue where hazards (spikes, acid barrels, etc.) could damage the player multiple times and invulnerability time wasn’t being applied
  • Fixed the issue where re-rolling items in the shops made them appear without a price, so players could get them for free
  • Eldritch Meat recipes should no longer be displayed in red in the Cooking menu if the player has enough currency
  • Damage items should now properly apply to explosive weapons
  • Boony death explosions will now properly display below the enemy and should no longer chase the player
  • Total save slot playtime will no longer reset
  • When swapping weapons while using a gamepad, crosshair should no longer randomly change direction
  • When swapping weapons while using the “Player” focused camera, the camera will no longer do a snap animation
  • Fixed the issue where reloading the main weapon and then swapping to the secondary weapon would grant players with additional ammo
  • The “pet” prompt should now be properly displayed when approaching your Axolittles
  • The “black screen” issue that was happening to some players should now be fixed

QoL (Quality of Life)

    Big Paws (bear enemy):

  • Big Paws has taken a breather and decided to stop the nonstop firing frenzy!


  • Chest no longer have collision (this will avoid bosses/enemies getting stuck in chests or doorways being blocked by chests as well)
  • Added a confirmation window before deleting a save file (say goodbye to those accidental deletions!)



  • Unlock price for Epic Weapons has been reduced


  • Mutant Fish: from -50% dmg and -7 accuracy to -50% dmg and -5 accuracy (bullets will go in a more straight pattern)
  • Beer: from -40% dmg and -4 accuracy to -30% dmg and -2 accuracy (bullets will go in a more straight pattern)
  • Glutton Bullets: from +80% dmg to +50% dmg
  • Battery: from 75 dmg to 100 dmg
  • Pendant: from 20-150 dmg to 60-150 dmg


  • Hyena shop will now show higher rarity Items and Weapons

Enemy Adjustments:

  • More Caterkillah spawns during biome 1 and 2