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AK-xolotl » AK-xolotl Quality of Life Update #1

Hello Pond Residents,

To begin, we’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have supported our game throughout its development journey, and even now, following its official launch. The positive feedback has reinforced our confidence in this project, and the constructive criticism has only fueled our passion to continue to work and make it even better.

Since launch, we’ve been collecting feedback from various sources, including Steam, our community Discord server, and other social media platforms. This “Quality of Life Update” arrives just one week after launch and primarily focuses on addressing bugs and making immediate quality of life improvements. But rest assured, this is just the beginning. We’re committed to our promise of delivering regular updates, not only to address bugs but also to introduce new content and refine existing systems, all based on your invaluable feedback.

To each and every person who has purchased the game or supported us in any way, we extend our heartfelt appreciation. On behalf of the entire 2Awesome Studio team, we want to say: THANK YOU!
Lastly, we want to invite all of you to join our Discord server, where you’ll find dedicated channels for feedback, bug reports, game discussions, and more. Become part of our extended family; we’d love to have you with us!

So, here’s the list of changes and improvements coming in this update:

Bug Fixes

  • Faith ability now deals damage to bosses
  • Fixed the issue of players taking damage during boss execution cutscenes
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes picking up the same weapon was decreasing your ammo
  • Items picked up during runs will now properly display on the left side of the screen
  • Ghost Bullets item will no longer make bullets go through the 5th boss wall tentacle attack (so you will now be able to damage them)
  • Fixed Capitalism item issue where your damage would drop drastically after buying something from the Hyena shop room
  • Helmet item will now properly protect against all kinds of explosions
  • Fixed the issue where older saves were not unlocking shops in the HUB
  • Snake boss projectiles no longer push the player away
  • Fixed the issue where players couldn’t buy from the Hyena shop room even when having enough Doraditos
  • Fixed the issue with the Devil Croakker flame hitting the player after 2 extra seconds after disappearing
  • Fixed the issue with the level report screen showing wrong information and the game not saving the currency that the player got during the run (no more crocodile has killed you in level report after beating the boss)
  • Reduced the size of spikes hitboxes
  • Fish axolittle is now properly evolving (was evolving to Mud Whooper axolotl previously)
  • Fixed the issue where flying enemies weren’t being hit by explosions
  • After finishing a run, buttsliding across the hub and talking to an NPC will no longer block the dialogues

QoL (Quality of Life)


  • Moved Blisstaker closer to the axolittles area
  • Reduced Blisstaker time to appear condition (from 3 runs after hatching a baby to 1 run)


  • Reduced Pond Eagle primary weapon unlock condition (from 4 runs to 1 run)


  • Cooking pot and Blisstaker menu now have a red text instead of gray when the player can’t afford something
  • Nugget, the chicken got tired of all the clucking and is now silent
  • New MAX HP Up room icon as many people were confusing it with a healing only room



  • Ratvolver: Damage reduced from 80 to 70
  • U.Z.1: Damage increased from 32 to 35
  • Hoggen: Damage reduced from 190 to 180
  • Beheader: Attack speed reduced from 0.9 to 1
  • Katana:Attack speed reduced from 0.7 to 0.8
  • Axe-lotl: Attack speed reduced from 1 to 1.1
  • Hydra & Hammerhead: Damage reduced from 700 to 600
  • Zap-Cannon: Damage increased from 80 to 120
  • All Secondary SMG: Damage increased from 28 to 30

Reduced grind on weapon spec selection, cost goes down from 8 to 5 Cookies

  • Classes: Modified to make them more different from each other
  • Chonky: Health changed from 3HP/2 Shield to 5HP
  • Slippery: Health changed from 1HP/2 Shield to 2HP/2 Shield
  • Greedy: Health changed from 1HP/1 Shield to 3HP
  • Maniac: Health changed from 2HP to 2HP/1 Shield
  • Rager: Health changed from 2HP/1 Shield to 4HP


  • Cancel: Charge reduced from 6500 to 5000
  • Lotzilla: Charge reduced from 12000 to 10000

Enemy Adjustments:

  • Adjusted the score given by the enemies, there was a manual error, and all the enemies were giving 10 scores after biome 2
  • Bull Lee: Movement speed reduced from 3 to 2.5
  • Sock It Snake: HP reduced from 16200 to 15000

Values modified to reduce the grind in the early game

  • Slightly Spiced Salad: Ingredients changed from “25 Herbs” to “15 Herbs”
  • Veggie Fish: Ingredients changed from “22 Herbs and 24 Fish” to “17 Herbs”
  • Courageous Potatoes: Ingredients changed from “28 Herbs and 21 Salt” to “16 Herbs”
  • Salt-Baked Bass: Ingredients changed from “20 Fish and 26 Salt” to “14 Fish and 16 Salt”
  • Rice with Things: Ingredients changed from “24 Fish, 26 Mushroom and 25 Eldritch Meat” to “12 Herbs, 10 Fish and 13 Mushroom”
  • Sweet Grilled Shroom: Ingredients changed from “31 Honey and 27 Mushroom” to “11 Herbs, 5 Honey and 15 Mushroom”
  • Sauteed Tentacles: Ingredients changed from “31 Mushroom and 33 Eldritch Meat” to “15 Salt and 14 Eldritch Meat”
  • Honey Cream: Ingredients changed from “20 Herbs and 25 Honey” to “12 Herbs”
  • Vegan Muffin: Ingredients changed from “25 Herbs” to “14 Herbs”
  • Anchovy Juice: Ingredients changed from “34 Fish” to “13 Fish”
  • Pit Candy: Ingredients changed from “32 Fish and 33 Eldritch Meat” to “15 Fish and 15 Honey”
  • Salty Lollipop: Ingredients changed from “36 Salt and 36 Honey” to “11 Salt and 16 Honey”
  • Hallucinogenic Pie: Ingredients changed from “22 Mushroom and 33 Eldritch Meat” to “18 Herbs, 13 Honey and 14 Mushroom”
  • Cursed Ice Cream: Ingredients changed from “30 Salt and 39 Eldritch Meat” to “15 Eldritch Meat”