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AIRHEART - Tales of broken Wings » AIRHEART is landing on the Nintendo Switch today & SALE on Steam

Lots of people asked for it, and yes, we also think that it’s a natural fit for the Switch.

You can get AIRHEART on the Nintendo eShop here:

Now you can finally play Airheart on the go! It’s basically the same version that you get on Steam, with the quality settings adjusted for the different hardware.

But wait, there’s one very important thing that’s different! The Switch is not only portable; it also has 2 controllers included! So we thought, why not include something special for this version, something that’s fun for more than one player.

That’s why we developed a Switch-exclusive local co-op mode where you can steer a zeppelin with up to four friends! It’s the same levels as in the single player portion, but with different NPC mechanics and new pick-ups. The goal is to get as high as possible and to beat your own high-score.

To celebrate the Switch release, we’ll have a Sale on Steam with 35% cut off the usual price! It’s on from January 31st until February 3rd 10:00 AM US Pacific time. ːsteamhappyː

Thanks for playing Airheart!!!

Frédéric from Blindflug Studios