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The Last Stand: Aftermath » Aftermath is Coming Q4 of 2021 & Legacy Collection!

The Last Stand: Aftermath will be out in Q4 of 2021 on PC, XBox Series S/X, PS4 and PS5. That’s right, The Last Stand is coming to consoles! We’re excited to bring it to the Xbox and PS platforms so that more people get to experience it. We built Aftermath with consoles in mind right from the beginning of production and it’s truly a dream come true.

We know Q4 is a big window – but we’ll have another announcement closer to the date when that falls into place. In the meantime we’ll be polishing and balancing the game, managing the console ports and preparing for launch.

In order to celebrate the upcoming release, we’re releasing The Last Stand Legacy Collection today! Yes, right now. Play the original Flash game trilogy in an enhanced collection, in full screen with AI upscaled graphics, save files and achievements on Steam. The Last Stand, The Last Stand 2 and the much loved The Last Stand: Union City are all included in the collection, looking and performing better than they ever did:

A huge thanks to Antony Lavelle (@the_exp) and Armor Games Studios for making the Legacy Collection happen. Their hard work allowed us to keep working on Aftermath while the collection came together.