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Vampire Survivors » Adventures + Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC on Steam Dec 18th


The patch is available right now and contains:

  • 1 relic, Atlas Gate: Enables base game Adventures. Found in Boss Rash, minute 7, only after seeing the Yellow Sign.
  • 1 new achievement for obtaining the Atlas Gate (in-game only. Will be added to the list on Steam together with the next content patch, your 100% is safe for the rest of the year!)
  • 2 base game Adventures
  • 1 Adventure for the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC
  • 🌹

Adventures are self-contained, mini story-modes that remix the game’s content.


Aside from providing deep lore 💀, their main goal is actually to give you an excuse to play VS when you feel like it, but have already unlocked everything the game has to offer.

Or maybe because you want to have the feeling of starting fresh, with a different set of weapons, without actually remaining behind with the progression of the base game.

Or maybe because you just got a new DLC and would like to do a full-immersion experience in it, as a standalone piece, rather than a part of the main game.

Because of all these reasons, please keep sharing your feedback in the Discord, so we can make tweaks and see how to evolve the feature going forward!

Please know that there are no platform (Steam, Xbox, etc.) achievements for Adventures, but you can unlock base game content from them as normal (eg. if an Adventure sends you to Astral Stair, you can loot the relics in there and unlock them ahead of the standard game progression)

Things that unlock new game mechanics, like Relics, Arcanas, unlocked Power-Ups, and pickups count, carry over to Adventures.

We have 2+1 adventures for now:
– Two are unlocked by collecitng the Atlas Gate relic mentioned above.
– Then there’s the Legacy of the Moonspell adventure that gets unlocked if you have the relative DLC.
DLC Adventures becomes accessible only after visiting the Dairy Plant once.

For more information and details on Adventures, for example on how and why to Ascend an adventure after completing it, please refer to the FAQ:

Atlas Gate Achievement

We didn’t add a Steam achievement just for the Atlas Gate, your 100% is safe for the rest of 2023!
Our future free content patch -that is still top secret- will add a handful of achievements instead, and we’ll bundle the Atlas Gate platform-achievement with those.

v1.8.200 Tweaks and fixes

– Locked characters can now be previewed in Character Selection (Secret characters aren’t shown until the Forbidden Scrolls relic is found)
– Added filters to the Collection page. You can now see easily what you need to unlock Queen Sigma for example.
– Tweaked Whiteout bosses’ HP pool
– Fixed Whiteout treasure chests not containing evos
– Fixed Celestial Voulge not being available in Super Candybox II Turbo
– Reduced self-harm from Muramasa
– Fixed Millionaire’s projectiles not being affected by the direction faced by the player

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting DLC

The Vampire Survivors are desperate to find the vampire, but are running out of places where to look. Only one option remains, the last frontier: be the bullet hell… in space!

We shoot them to the moon, but landed just slightly off target… Oh well, since we’re here we might as well investigate this carefully crafted knockoff mysterious purple world of Polus Replica and stock up on friends, weapons, and floor chicken as usual. You never know when or where you might get lucky and stumble upon a vampire, so better keep those EYES open anyway!

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting is our first collab DLC, made possible by the wonderful Among Us developers, Innersloth! We took elements of Among Us that most fans of the game will recognise and freely re-interpreted them in a Vampire Survivors spin, for some outrageous, ridiculous, and hopefully fun, combinations of characters and weapons.

Common daily questions at poncle HQ are among the lines of “How would I survive 30′ in the videogame Vampire Survivors if I only had an ID Card to defend myself?” and it was pure bliss to be able to give an answer to those important questions. Huge thanks to the folks at Innersloth for making all of this possible!

Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting contains:

  • 9 playable characters
  • 15 new weapons (of which 7 evolutions)
  • A new large stage
  • A new Adventure
  • 6 brand new music tracks
  • 20 in-game-only achievements
Launching December 18th – $2.49 / €2.49 / £1.99

While most of the contents of the DLCs are straightforward, being a collab there are some differences. For example, there are no Steam achievements, so please read the FAQs here for more info:

You can Wishlist Vampire Survivors: Emergency Meeting now by clicking the link below.

(Nintendo Switch and mobile versions are coming soon, so stay tuned to our Discord for more info)