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Sea of Survivors » Achievements, A Halloween Event, & Bugfixes

Ahoy Sailors!

Lost at Sea Event

From the depths comes a limited time only game mode exclusive to Steam Scream 2023, you’ll have to row like you’ve never rowed before to outrun the horrors of the deep and their undead compatriots.

This game mode will go away at the end of Steam Scream, and is teasing some future content, make sure to check it out!

Steam Achievements

This update also enables steam achievements! Any bounties you’ve already collected should automatically be added to your steam profile upon opening Sea of Survivors.

  • Raids now reset if you get too far away
  • The Player now collects all coins upon slaying the Kraken
  • Cannon weapon projectiles now pierce enemies
  • Sharks damage down from 200 to 90
  • Barrel Boat knock back reduced from 3 to 1
  • Submarines now spawn further away
  • Rowboats and Armored Rowboats hp lowered from 100 to 85
  • Damage numbers now show damage taken, instead of damage done
  • Removed the wish list button from the in game menus
  • Allowed controls to selected completed bounties
  • Stopped the Hp from always having an empty space if the player had a max hp stat ending with 50
  • Fixed numerous typos
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where Ham would never be dealt
  • Fixed a bug where raiding a certain secret island during the Kraken fight would prevent a run from ever finishing

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Happy Sailing,
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