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Rift Loopers » Ability Overhaul + Pyro DLC Class

Hello Loopers!

This patch we are bringing a total overhaul on how abilities work, the menu UI, and ability mechanics as we introduce our first DLC class – The Pyro!

The Pyro is our first DLC character and is now available for purchase! Check it out here!

One of our goals is to release Rift Loopers on console, so we want the gameplay to feel natural on a gamepad, previously, having 4 active abilities made it awkward for current button layouts to easily aim and move while pressing abilities. So we are bringing down the number of active abilities you can learn to a max of 2 and increasing the max passive abilities to 6.

We have also reverted the change to have right thumbstick control weapon fire, but, we have added an option in gameplay settings to reenable this if you want this back on!

Items are a new feature that gives players a starting support ability, these items can be selected and unlocked in the load out menu. These abilities are fire and forget and have longer cooldowns than most active.

Class Abilities
We have added the foundation for unlocking different class abilities in the loadout menu, expect to see more coming soon!

Patch Notes

  • Pyro Class now available
  • Cooldown Reduction Passive ability, Powerup, challenge, and enhancement added
  • Abilities Overhauled: Active Ability Max set to 2; Passive Ability Max set to 6; Item Abilities Added; Selectable Class Abilities added
  • Main Menu UI completely Overhauled
  • Gamepad Support overhauled – Virtual cursor is no longer in the game
  • Mines and Turret abilities can no longer be placed anywhere in vision and will only be placed near character
  • Option to use Right Thumbstick as weapon fire added in Settings
  • Airstrike is now autofiring and will target enemies in a radius
  • Helldog Animation Bug fixed
  • Psy Worm health bar bug fixed
  • Improved Drone Strike power up
  • Several enemies will now “drop” in on the player as part of spawning
  • Exploder enemy explosion now effects enemies
  • Exploder enemy explosion timer decreased by 50% and damage increased by 200%
  • Laser Abilities now returns in arc before ending

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