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Juicy Realm » A wild HUGE update has appeared!! New stage, new character and more surprises!

Hello everyone!

Seeing this post before the Spring Festival, I’m sure you guys already know what’s going to happen! 
Yes, when the game released on Switch, we promised to bring this part of the update to the PC version after three months.  Where are the better timings than releasing these updates on Spring Festival! We are going to release the switch updates with some newly developed features! 
To those who haven’t played the NS version, allow me to introduce the BOSS RUSH mode. Now you can enter the hidden lair of Bosses and start a non-stop battle with them. All the Bosses and Elites that you encountered before will show up in teams, and various brutal combinations will appear.

In addition, you can also use a brand new combat robot that is good at using various energy weapons. It can also form a bullet shield to protect you and your teammates.

As for the Spring Festival update, we also doubled the number of rooms for all levels. Yes, we doubled it! We also added some new traps to these new rooms. Now, not only you need to deal with the enemies, but also remember to be careful of the various traps in the stages.

Also, we have added a new level and new enemies that you have been waiting for.
In this fifth level, you will see various venom traps, enemies with invincible shields, and cherries that look vulnerable but actually very brutal.

Finally, as an Easter egg of the Spring Festival update, we have added a firecracker weapon. You can now use these firecrackers to blow up cute and annoying fruits!

In fact, there are still plenty of improvements besides those. For example, many players said that some room exits are difficult to find, and now there will be more indications for all the exits; some character skills are pretty lacking, so we have allowed some characters to use their skills multiple times; the sprint stamina system was not clear enough, so we redesigned and improved the UI; the field of view of the challenge was kind of awkward, so we improved it to behave similar to the fog of war mechanic, etc.

The most important thing is that these contents will be available as soon as you update (v2.4.0)them, and you don’t have to purchase a DLC or pay additionally. Why haven’t you bought the kind-hearted game already?? XD

 『The Spring Festival Special Discount』
1.23-1.27 Steam 30% off
Now the European version on Switch already has a 20% off discount. All of the above content will be updated to the Switch version, too. But since submitting the update to Nintendo would take a bit longer, if you want to experience the new content during the Spring Festival, the PC version would be a good choice.