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Heroes of Loot: Gauntlet of Power » A weapon tree unlocks!

A new demo drops just before the holidays! So come and play in the warm dungeon full of loot!

Since it’s been a month (and a day) since the last demo update, and I’ve been working on the game every day, the list of new things, changes and improvements is extremely long, so let me highlight some of the more important things here:

New enemies added, like that happy Skully chap in the GIF above, but a few others will cross your path
New boss-fights, although they are on a “low” spawn in the current demo, you will probably encounter them every now and then
Weapon-tree/level up system – FINALLY got around to this, more on that below
Hit feedback for the player (most requested by demo players)

So let’s dive into the weapon system, it was always the goal to make this more interesting then just mounting weapons in all directions! Just had to figure out what I wanted to do with it exactly.. and I couldn’t decide on just one way, so there are now multiple ways to upgrade your upgrades, here’s a little cheat-sheet I made (will be extended, might change over time, but for now this is accurate) :

So we have combo weapons, these require your main weapon to be at max level of 6, and then you can combine it with another weapon to turn it into a “combo weapon”

The other thing you can do is create a “union” of two weapons mounted next to each other on the Gauntlet of Power, and once they have the correct level, you can decide to union them into a new cool gadget like the Rune of Fire!

On top of all that there are modifiers that will modify any weapon at a specific level. Right now if you level up that weapon the modification will be gone! I might change this later.

I’m still play-testing the weapon system myself, but very open to feedback on these things as you encounter them (although it can be hard to experience all these upgrades during the duration of the demo)

I’ll have this weapon sheet uploaded and updated over on the -> Orangepixel Support Wiki alongside all the new items that got added to the game as a nice reference.

Full changes list:

  • added: Moved player-preference save file location
  • added: Little bump effect when player gets hit
  • added: “Hurt” Sound effects to player getting hit
  • added: made Gauntlet fire when near wooden crates/obstacles
  • added: Slight increase on loot-pickup vanishing timer
  • added: Compass drop chance early in game increased
  • added: Small Health flask to restore a single heart
  • added: Gauntlet can now be checked in Pause screen
  • added: Shields are now upgrade items, not Gauntlet slots
  • added: Combo weapon functionality
  • added: Combo-Weapon Twirl Arrows
  • added: Combo-weapon Soul Sword
  • added: Combo weapon Chaos Knife
  • added: Combo weapons options now light up (feeling the power)
  • added: Combo weapon: Magic of Impact
  • added: Weapon modifier: Vampiristic
  • added: Weapon modifier: Fire
  • added: Weapon-union system
  • added: Union weapon – Sword of Light
  • added: Union weapon – Rune of Fire
  • added: Union weapon – Stormbreaker
  • added: Union weapon – Blades of Fury
  • added: Axe of Protection
  • added: enemy Skully
  • added: enemy Bolt – can electrify your Gauntlet weapons on touch
  • added: new enemy: Bombies
  • added: Boss – ToFuMagic
  • added: Boss – Muddy
  • added: Boss – Shelly king
  • added: Boss – Ironicle
  • added: Bombies can spawn from objects in later area’s
  • added: Visual distictions for Magic-weapon levels
  • added: Temporal-chest will now show the item it would unleash at current level
  • added: Active item Dice – rerolls the pickup items in current room
  • added: Active item recharging now done from previously-collected purple/blue gem
  • added: Item Blast protection now defends against all hits
  • added: charge item Book of Darkness
  • added: charge item Lamp of Shinies
  • added: Shields now also block fire/flame/bullets from creatures
  • added: Blood-debris setting
  • added: Dungeon progress bar
  • added: Dungeon # to status bar hud
  • added: Score word shown in HUD
  • added: Blue and Purple gems now shown in side-hud
  • added: Separated GUI gamepad controls from game-controls
  • added: remapped default gamepad controls (B – bombs instead of A)
  • added: Credits screen
  • added: Codex access from settings menu
  • added: selected mount-direction in level-up now glows
  • added: Active charge item now more visible in HUD
  • added: Codex pages for missing items
  • added: general visual effect for Active-item usage
  • added: Upgrades now include character class in weapon drops
  • added: Extra spawn-effect, warning player of incoming critters
  • added: Rebalanced dungeon obstacles first-appearing level
  • changed: Bombs now drop at actual location (no velocity added)
  • changed: slight increase in bomb-explosion delay (after dropping one)
  • changed: removed loot-drop on mini Flames spawned by Flamehead
  • changed: Made gems more shiny (and proper palette use)
  • changed: Bolt won’t spawn in starting room of a dungeon
  • changed: Dungeon progress now area-based
  • changed: Shovel of descent now takes you to next “area” not level
  • changed: Charge items only use gems when used, not just when collected
  • changed: Bombies now have lower HP, and move into “explode mode” when shot
  • changed: Lamp of shinies usage – loot shouldn’t be collected instantly, make it fly towards player
  • changed: Added proper GUI key controls (framework upgrade)
  • changed: Weapon-max levels and branching now more uniform across all weapons
  • changed: Balancing difficulty and loot drops
  • changed: Made starting Gauntlet room smaller
  • fixed: Unique (single-drop) items can still be dropped multiple times
  • fixed: Secret room can’t be re-entered after leaving
  • fixed: hit-feedback on player/screen
  • fixed: healing potion doesn’t restore full health
  • fixed: Wizard slide+exit animations aren’t updated to new looks
  • fixed: Reflection rotated images is wrongly positioned (Framework fix)
  • fixed: Screenshake preferences aren’t remembered
  • fixed: Exit screen doesn’t fit on all resolutions
  • fixed: Secret room to the right has treasure infront of door
  • fixed: Visual explosion seems off from the actual blast area
  • fixed: Cyclo-brothers always move to lower-right corner of the dungeon
  • fixed: Bolt moved outside the room walls
  • fixed: Boss fights will hurt player before they are fully spawned
  • fixed: Crash bug opening pause menu
  • fixed: Spooky, Bolt and Skully have no spawn-delay when entering a room
  • fixed: Active-item recharge should be gradual, not instant
  • fixed: Proper difference between Bomb and Interact key settings
  • fixed: Codex crashes on last item on the page
  • fixed: Backing out of pause menu drops a bomb
  • fixed: Shellies can bump things out of room boundaries
  • fixed: Rendering bug in dungeon walls
  • fixed: optimized dungeon rendering