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AutoHeroes » A Touch of Necromancy? (Or Another Major Demo Update)

The game now features not only a variety of altars for different play styles but also two new schools of mastery, each with four skills that can be upgraded five times.

Let’s talk a bit about the new schools.
The game offers you, first of all, to follow the path of Light: act ‘the good way’, restoring lives, persuading guards to fight for you (presumably for the future king!).
But you can also choose ‘the bad way’ – choose Darkness and the guards in the form of skeleton warriors, archers, and mages will have to serve you after death.
Add to this elite units – paladins and vampires for the good and bad guys respectively.

Although the new skill branches are largely dedicated to summoning, they are not limited to it – they also have skills for life restoration (who doesn’t love vampirism?) and for dealing damage. We’ll let you in on a secret (as you can guess from the skill wheel) there will also be a skill for those who like to take light and darkness at the same time, but don’t tell anyone.

And we just need to remind you that in the demo you can play not only alone, but also with friends – you can play against bots, adjusting the difficulty to suit you, or against them. If you have any extra friends, of course.

And join our Discord server to find someone to play with: