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Petit Petit Petit » A major update will be held on June 7th!

Pursuing a game that focuses more on [living organisms vs pathogens]!

PetitPetitPetit to defeat pathogens and protect the health of the body that is undermined.
Defeat more pathogens while taking care of your body under attack.

In this update, the basic rules remain the same, but the world view and game characteristics of this work are further enhanced.
“Immune cells and medical nanomachines protect the health of living organisms”
I tried to shift to a game that emphasizes that point.

Let’s keep the creatures healthy for the specified time and aim to overthrow the boss who is the current state of all diseases!

[Defeat the enemy and keep the host’s vitality]

From this update onwards, as long as there are enemies, your vitals will gradually deteriorate.

Of course, if the health is damaged, the performance of the operating characters (immune cells, medical nanomachines) that are active with energy from living things will be weakened, and the fight against pathogens will become more difficult.

Conversely, each time you defeat an enemy, your vitals will recover, so actively defeat the enemy to keep the host healthy.

[Protect weak points and defeat more enemies]

If you attack weak points that occur here and there, your vitals will deteriorate rapidly.
Let’s quickly defeat the enemy attacking the weak point.
There are various useful items as presents from the rescued weak points.

In particular, the “Temporary Skill Enhancement Item” is powerful.
Let’s knock down the enemy [more exhilarating] with flashy enhanced attack skills and recover the lowered vitals at once!

[New enemies, new control characters and skills]

A new enemy that fires attack bullets will be added to the stage.
In addition, a new playable character will be added, and the character’s skills will also be added.
Meet the achievement conditions and try to get them.

[Brushed up UI]
We have brushed up the design and usability of the UI.
You will be able to operate new systems and additional elements that will be added in the future with a more user-friendly UI.

In addition, the following additional elements are planned after the major update.

・New stage added

A new stage, Organs, will be added in future updates and product versions.
Each stage will include new elements such as new enemies and gimmicks that must be captured.
(Total 5 stages planned for the product version)

・Operation ・Addition of enemy characters

Future updates and product versions will add new characters with new abilities and new enemies attacking new maps.
New playable characters have new attack skills, and new strategies can be expanded by combining them with other skills.

・Addition of map gimmick

In addition to enemies, the new map will feature map gimmicks that can become obstacles to the player’s game strategy or help them in their strategy.
Let’s aim to clear the map by capturing them and using them to defeat enemies efficiently.

・Addition of research system

A “laboratory” will be established to study the attacking pathogens and discover and develop new skills, abilities, items, etc.
By throwing Kinishi and necessary materials into research, the game will be expanded further.

・Add help menu

There will be a help menu that explains how to play the game.