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Petit Petit Petit » A major update was implemented!

A major update was implemented, including the introduction of a new system and the addition of new characters.

>Update Overview——————————————————————————————

・New Specifications (Change in Weekpoint Defense Mechanism、Enhancement of Items)
・Enemy Book
・New Options (Window Mode, etc)
・Pose Menu (Medical Book・Map・Achievements・Options)
・New Characters and Skills (2 each)
・4 New Items (Enhanced Attack, Invincible, Vacuum, Enemy Disappearance)
・Graphic Improvements (UI Updates、Update Graphics for Skills)
・New BGM

>Update Details——————————————————————————————

□More “Creatures vs. Pathogens” focused gameplay!

Defeat pathogens and protect the health of the host’s body from being undermined, it’s Petit Petit Petit.
Take care of the body under attack by pathogens while defeating more pathogens.

In this update, the basic rules remain the same, but we have tried to shift the gameplay to emphasize the “immune cells and medical nanomachines protect the health of the host creature” which is more characteristic of the worldview and gameplay of this work.

Keep the host’s healthy for a certain period of time and try to defeat the boss, the main cause of all diseases!

□Defeat enemies and keep the host’s vitals!

Since this update, the more enemies there are, the more gradually their vitals deteriorate.

Of course, if health is compromised, the performance of the operating characters (immune cells and medical nanomachines), which operate on energy from the host, will be weakened, making the fight against pathogens tougher.

Conversely, if you defeat enemies, the host’s vitals will recover each time, so be proactive in defeating the enemy to keep the host healthy.

□Defend the host’s weekpoints and defeat more enemies.

The host’s vitals deteriorate rapidly when attacked at the weak points that occur here and there, so quickly defeat enemies who are attacking the weak points.
Various useful items can be obtained from rescued weak points.

Items that enhance skills for a certain period of time are particularly powerful.
Use your flashily enhanced attack skills to knock down enemies “more exhilaratingly” and recover the host’s lowered vitality in one fell swoop!

□New enemies, new characters and new skills

New enemies that fire bullets will be added to the stage.

New characters will also be added, as well as skills for that character.
Try to meet the conditions and get them.


Plant-derived immune cells developed by an creature.
Defeat pathogens with thorns.


One of the immune cells that protect the body of a certain creature.
Self-destruct to eliminate pathogens.

□【Graphic Improvements】
We brushed up the design and usability of the UI.
New systems and additions that will be added in the future will also be easier to use.


We hope you will play it and give us your feedback.