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HellEscape » A brand new stage!!! + lots of new content :)

– A New Stage! The Depths…
– New mission type: Snake!
– Added enemy: Seahorse.
– Added enemy: Blue Seahorse.
– Added enemy: Crab.
– Added enemy: Crab Shelled.
– Added enemy: Shark.
– Added enemy: Drowned.
– Added enemy: Jellyfish.
– Added enemy: Mermaid.
– Added enemy: Shipwreck.
– Added mount: Crab.
– Added mount: Seahorse.
– Added mount: Blue Seahorse.
– Optimized items rendering.
– Made ‘Knight’ brutal attack stronger.
– Added artifact: Oxygen Tank.
– Added artifact: Shark Tooth.
– Added artifact: Pirate Hat.
– Added artifact: Tarot Cards.
– Added artifact: Blood Vial.
– Added artifact: Sledgehammer.
– Added achievement: Drowned Wrath.
– Added achievement: The Depths.
– Added achievements: depths monster kills.
– Balance minions: mercenaries and spawned minions will become stronger in later stages to match general challenge level.
– Reduced minions respawn time based on minions powerup.
– Made some minions stronger.
– Removed walk bobbing effect – it was actually less pretty and was very costly!

As always, let me know if you encounter any new bugs 😉