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Arms Evolution: ZOMBIE DESTROYER » 8.3 Update

1. Fixed issue of inability to continuously refresh with right click during pause

2. Fixed an issue where external data may not refresh under special circumstances

3. The minimum range of the weapon now is 3 meters

4. Fixed possible issue of monsters/weapons getting stuck after quickly switching weapons

5. Fixed an issue where the maximum danger level may not be able to be increased in high difficulty situations

6. Added a new counting unit “Gai” (ten thousand capital)

7. Fixed issue with incorrect creation of star map nodes

8. Fixed issue where additional levels of alien monsters were not provided to secondary weapons

9. The additional level provided by the alien giant beast has been changed to 1+(difficulty level/2 * loss of health)

10. Fixed the issue where the skill ‘Energy Bombing’ may have too many times and trigger incorrectly

11. The skill ‘Beyond the Boundary Explosion’ has increased the charging speed

12. In the system settings prompt settings, a “Endless Mode Cycle” function switch has been added. When enabled, the battle will automatically restart 180 seconds after the end of Endless Mode