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Arms Evolution: ZOMBIE DESTROYER » 8.28 Update

1. Fixed an issue where bullying execution caused an incorrect increase in “ignoring defense damage”

2. The probability of dual barrel weapons appearing has significantly increased

3. The higher the difficulty level now, the more basic combat experience gained by killing

4. Fixed an issue where the enhanced preview attribute may be incorrect due to skills

5. Now the “base ammunition capacity” will also increase the minimum ammunition capacity

6. Improved the effect of the skill ‘Explosive Energy Strong Scattering’

7. Fixed an issue with incorrect display of damage range in the “Basic Attributes” panel of dual barreled weapons

8. Skill ‘Explosive Energy Diffusion’ has reduced total damage

9. Increased the basic attack power of the main cannon by 30%

10. 50% increase in damage skill correction for main cannon

11. Modified the basic explosion range algorithm and now no longer fixes the basic explosion range

12. Now auxiliary weapons will also increase the explosion range

13. Strengthening weapons now will also increase the explosion range