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Arms Evolution: ZOMBIE DESTROYER » 8.21 Update

1. Fixed a problem where in the later stages of the game, if the shooting speed was too low, a continuous shooting correction overflow would occur, causing the weapon to not attack normally

2. Fixed an issue where the display of weapon basic attributes may not be correct when enabled

3. Strengthening weapons now will also increase missile capacity

4. Fixed issue where combat level experience values may be negative at higher levels

5. Using Mind Points to Increase Combat Experience Now only consumes up to 500000 Mind Points, this limit does not affect the amount of experience added

6. Blocked and deleted the ranking data of cheating users

7. Now the ranking weapons will not display basic attributes because the ranking weapons do not have this data, and the previous display was incorrect local data

8. Fixed the issue of kinetic energy conversion not being enhanced by auxiliary weapons and incorrect enhanced firing rate