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Devil Daggers » 5 year anniversary QOL update.

To thank our community and celebrate Devil Daggers’ 5 year anniversary we’ve released a quality of life update.

  • Unique dagger for players with 1000 seconds or more.

  • Replay scrubbing, allows you to instantly skip to any part of a replay.

  • Stats and graphs in replays.

  • Optimizations have been made throughout the game, improving performance by up to 5x or more in some cases.

  • Improved fps limiter and added slider to options menu.
  • Added volume slider for menu music.
  • Changed default fov from 75 to 90.
  • Added gem/homing counter (toggle by pressing 2).
  • Improved mod support (allows smaller mod files, and stacking multiple mods).
  • Added controls for toggling different hud elements (default keys 1,2,3,4)
  • Added a short delay before activating mouse after death to avoid clicking off-screen.
  • Fixed kill count and accuracy in stats.
  • Added more data for ddstats to use.
  • Fixed bug that caused player sounds and music to not play in stereo.
  • Fixed centipedes stopping in place when running in to the ground or another enemy.
  • Fixed centipedes getting stuck upside down.
  • Fixed spiders being pushed around by centipede corpses.
  • Replays now only upload if you beat your high score.
  • Replays won’t try to upload when using a custom spawnset.
  • Certain mods will show a warning and not allow scores over 1000 seconds to submit.

Plus more fixes and qol improvements.