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Turf Wars: A Snail Escape » 5 New Upgrades & Snail Art

Hey everyone,

Hope you’ve been enjoying the colorful chaos in Turf Wars: A Snail Escape! I come with some good news – five new upgrades have sprouted in the garden, ready to take your snail adventures to the next level.

💥 Damage ExplosionWhen you take a hit, at least make it count! With Damage Explosion, create massive friendly explosions whenever you take damage

🎨 Start TurfClaim your territory from the get-go! Start with more yellow area already claimed when entering a new zone.

🌈 Converting SplatanaWhy pop bullets when you can claim them? Converting Splatana changes bullets into your color instead of popping them

💨 Smokey BulletsPopped bullets leave a smelly gas that hurts enemies and converts enemy bullets. Can be added to the Slime Gun, Jellyblaster & Goo Cannon

👅Bad BreathDoesn’t sound that good, I know! Your Frog Tongue leaves a nasty smell whenever you use it, which damage enemies and converts bullets into yours.

Snail Art Showcase

And now, something cool to look at! Our little snail guy has been modelling. Check out InterndotGif’s super-stylish version of our snail hero sweating as he evades those angry bees. Watch the full video here and check out his channel

Su Đờn has conjured an absolutely insane image of how a fully upgraded snail hero looks like. I absolutly love it! Check out Su Đờn’s video here, I laughed a lot even though I don’t speak a word Vietnamese

Lastly I wanted to share who the artist was who created the awesome cover art for the game. His name is Rajieskecchi and you can check out more of his great work here.

You got versions of our little snail guy you want to share? I would love to see it!

Snail Hugs,
Andreas Werdin 🐌