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Return to Abyss » 5.9 bug fix

1. Reduced the difficulty of starting the endless mode of each map
2. In order to improve game performance, bullets far enough away from the screen will be destroyed. For bullets with a gyration mechanism, the gyration will be triggered immediately
3. Remove the devil bait and overload chip from the item extraction pool of the “abnormal robot” horn bully
4. In endless mode, the upper limit of signal broadcast superposition is adjusted from infinite to 12 times, so as to avoid the attack range of scythe and rocket cat beyond the screen
5. For the golden artifact of the high-pressure champagne gun, the problem that the bonus of gold coins to the size is calculated incorrectly has been fixed.
6. Fixed the problem that the game could not continue normally when the keyboard and mouse were operated at the same time
7. Fixed the problem that in the endless mode, the settlement reward did not get the bonus of gold coins such as the right to enter the dangerous land. In addition, the survival time in endless mode and the settlement reward for killing the boss are doubled
8. Fixed the problem that some curses were invalid
9. Fixed the problem of wrong calculation of contract money
10. Fixed the problem that when you have the blessing of anti-injury, you will be instantly killed by meteorites
11. Fixed the problem that the lower limit of deceleration of Chiho Lili’s third skill was invalid. If she already has a certain deceleration, she will not be decelerated when she pushes the enemy
12. Fixed the problem that the magic barrier caused monsters not to appear in some cases
13. Fixed the problem that the airdrops dropped by Mechatron could not be picked up
14. Fixed the problem that the model does not disappear after the death of elite monsters in the asteroid base
15. Fixed the problem that the effect of some recipe wine in endless mode would not disappear
16. Fixed the problem that some items in the store could not be purchased
17. Fixed the problem that the gold coin explosion blessing may crash
18. Fixed the problem that you cannot reconnect after having the black hole blessing
19. Fixed the problem that the special effects of the follower Black Cat and Abyss Siren might not disappear after releasing their skills in Endless Mode