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Star Survivor » 3 months of game polishing – Update for the main branch

A little backstory…

The Unity pro developer dived into my source code and said the general structure of the game was illogical and it would take months to fix the whole thing. Good news, I know what are the next steps to polish the game ASAP. The next stop – fixing the Object Pool and Particles.

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The full list of the last 3 months’ fixes migrating to the main branch:

The latest thingies

– New game icons published
– Increased chicken highlight
– Fixed combo notice for already comboed weapons
– Reduced charging enemies charge speed by 25%
– Forced cooldown on elite enemies’ special attacks so they cannot perform the attack as they spawn
– Increased projectile pool limit from 200 to 500


– fixed shield, tagging and tesla coil upgrades not showing in Upgrades when choosing category in campaign
– fixed orbital mines losing collision
– fixed fighters being detached if bay was replaced or combined
– fixed quadrant equipment upgrades not applying to the new equipment
– fixed shields picking up items

Gacha fun

– reduced the weight on reroll cards — less chance to see the same cards on consecutive attempts
– removed replaced equipment from history to prevent replaced equipment (now non-applicable) upgrades being drawn
– choosing a card in a campaign no longer removes that card from the draw pool during that stage
– fixed empty deck campaign issue
– fixed incinerator not trigging beam card draws

Better menus

– fixed keyboard shortcuts triggered while renaming the deck
– fixed add card filters being toggled while typing in search
– fixed challenge map select issue
– fixed being able to select the current hex’
– max zoom out distance changed from 70 to 60
– UI performance optimizations
– added a notification when hate increases
– fixed campaign stage depth not reflecting on starting hate

Strong Doge

– increased exp rewards for higher tier enemies
– adjusted exp scale to be closer to original but still taper off at a higher level
– adjusted exp curve from +20% per level to +35% – 1% per level.
Originally the exp needed to level increased by 20% each time to level (exponential). This update will flatten the curve so that the exp needed will be +35% at level 1 (at the beginning and decreasing as you level), so by level 35, the exp required to level will be the same and no longer increasing.

More goodies

– asteroid drops are more dynamic, and the drop rate of anything is still at 4%, but the selection will be determined by the game’s increased bomber instances from – 50 to 100
– created new pickup: damage buff (orange orb) – will double all weapon damage for 10 seconds (timer can be increased with general upgrade)
– green orb pickup range now covers the entire map
– fixed DS9 not picking up exp

The badies

– elites now drop only blue or orange orbs
– reduced amount of spawned enemies
– increased hate generation from 0.25 -> 0.5 per kill
– increased enemy hate health bonus from 0.15 to 0.25
– replaced damage number system with a more performant simplified version
– fixed enemy not seeking player

Gasy things

– enemy ground gas now has a visual indicator of when damage is applied and will disable itself
– added ground gas delay so they will not do damage immediately when spawned


– starting reroll cost reduced from 5 to 3.
– shotgun starting firepoint 4 to 5
– teslacoil cooldown reduced 2 to 1.5 sec
– ion trident tighten firing arc from 30 degrees to 15, base damage increased from 10 to 15
– railgun base damage increased from 20 to 40, cooldown reduced from 5 to 3 sec
– flak turret base damage increased from 7 to 10, base radius increased from 1 to 2, added base 25% burn chance
– flak cannon base damage increased 15 to 20, base radius increased 2 to 3, and narrowed fire pattern from 30 to 20 degrees
– auto turret, removed starting burn chance
– particle collider now starts with 100% pierce, pierce upgrade card removed
– black hole generator now starts with 100% pierce, deals damage to enemies at the center
– spiral ion disk starts with 5 base damage
– cruise missile damage radius increased from 1 to 2
– rocket barrage removed ground fire chance, decreased cooldown from 4 to 1.5
– fighters base speed increased from 3 to 4
– tesla orb base damage increased 10 to 15
– ion fence now spawns 5m away in the quadrant direction
– proxy mine starting life increased from 5 to 7 sec, damage radius increased from 2 to 3
– orbital mines start with 8 max drones, and deployment speed changed from 4 to 3 sec
– god beam removed the starting burn chance, cooldown increased from 5 to 6
– god strike damage increased 10 to 20, and cooldown reduced from 3 to 2
– turrets of the same type will no longer target the same enemy if able
– fixed tesla attack speed not applying to tesla orb
– fixed bomber instances being capped at 40

I try to look for feedback everywhere, but I might not always reply to you. Yet, seeing your reviews allowed me to identify the things that need to be polished more.