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Crafty Survivors » 3 Localizations – v0.5.1

Hello Crafters!

We are introducing Localizations with this update! 3 new languages have been added to the game: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Russian.

The Localizations of the game don’t include the latest content though, as the newest character Viala, is still being adjusted on a few things. As we already mentioned on previous updates mentioning the localization process, new content will always come in English only, before we introduce the localizations a few weeks after, as some of the content may change. Each language has a % next to them showcasing how much of it is already done in comparison with the current version. Any language without the % means that they are fully localized already, but that is not the case of any of them right now.

This is also adjusting a few things in game for the Alchemist and reducing some gold costs of buildings prior to the v0.5.0. As we mentioned before, the gold requirements is high for each update on purposed to give players a longer goal before new content arrives, so the costs get reduced after, and new players can catch up to the content.

Patch Notes – v0.5.1

Selling Materials

Added into this update, players will be able to sell extra materials to the Wandering Merchant and the Floating Restaurant when they appear in the Village. This addition to the system will allow players to acquire more gold from leftover materials or materials gathered on specific buildings. We believe this new addition will give gatherers in the game more use with their systems and gathering passive skill.


We added 3 new languages to the game: Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Russian.
Players will get a prompt to choose a language as soon as they start playing this version to select the language they want.

Character Changes
Viala, the Alchemist

Noxious Miasma, Sapping Manus, Incendiary Compound and Adhesive Solution now have a small cooldown between charges when used on auto-casting, similar to other skills already in the game.

Skill Combo – Poison Rain (Noxious Miasma + Voltaic Sphere):

  • The combo will now cause poison as it was supposed to do.

Biological Warfare nerf:

  • Base damage reduced from 25 to 15;
  • Damage increase per jump at lvl 5 decreased from 30% to 10%.

Botanic Marvel – Cinder Rose buff:

  • Increased the damage of fire petals from 100% to 150%.

Skill Combo – Evil Eye (Voltaic Sphere + Sapping Manus) buff:

  • Increased the amount of lasers shot from the eye from 1 to 3.


  • Limited the amount of times a collectible can have their value increased to a maximum of 1 time.

Chemist Refuge:

  • Descriptions and tooltips now include the type of Reagent that will be added by using it.

  • Increased the amount of gold dropped when Clearing Stages at the Beach;
  • Reduced the gold cost of some buildings and the upgrades that existed prior to v0.5;
  • Packed more graphical assets to reduce the overall file size of the game and improve some performance.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some of Viala’s skills effects as they were not adding the damage correctly to the Stage Stats menu that shows at the end of a stage;
  • Changes were made to the Living Peak stage to avoid spawning enemies outside of bounds;
  • Fixed an issue the Weaving System for Viala’s Vindictive Advance as it wasn’t marked as a skill that had more than one level;
  • Other bug fixes.

Next Steps

As we completed this step of adjusting the game for localizations, we will continue with the content development of the game. A few more bosses and challenges will come on the next update of Crafty Survivors, concluding the Mountain area and possibly a new challenge on the Beach.

After the conclusion of the Mountain, we will begin to work on the 9th character! Everything about this new character is already decided, their base mechanic and the design of their skills. We even have the character’s sprite ready, so here is a sneak peek of how they look like:

We will reveal more about this character on further updates, but everyone is welcome to guess their profession! And no, they are not the reporter!

Thanks again everyone. Don’t forget to leave us a review here on Steam when you can, please. The reviews help a lot with the game! So if you have some spare time, please leave as a review when you have a moment. We passed 400 reviews a few weeks ago and our goal is to reach 500 reviews now, which is still a long way! So we need all the help everyone can give us. We really appreciate you all!