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Keyboard Warrior: Dreamstate » 3.2.0 – 3.6.0

Visuals have been changed drastically.

Performance improvements.

Difficulty levels have been rescaled so that higher-level enemies have less health and lower-level enemies are faster with better AI.

Crystal duration is now 5 seconds across all difficulty levels.

Increased various enemy sizes by 25-50%.

Added tooltips to the terminal command screen.

Increased number of crystals needed to unlock the boss fight across both arenas and all difficulty levels.

Increased enemy crystal spawn rate.

Improved audio sfx.

Every enemy in the game has reworked visuals with a new texture.

Added 6 customizable “add-on” upgrades that can be bought from the shop with crystals. These upgrades allow you to add clothing items to your character!

They are:

“Rock Helmet”

Implemented the crystal weapon section of the shop. You can now use crystals collected during matches to purchase a new weapon for your crystal.

Current weapon types are:

“Normal” – Traditional autofire
“Boomerang” – Boomerang autofire
“Launcher” – Singular rocket launcher bullet
“Goo Bomb” – Goo Bomb secondary bullet
“Trishot” – Trishot secondary blast

Crystal weapons also have a randomly assigned power value associated with them that determines their damage.

Fixed a bug where the “bossfight unlocked” text wouldn’t appear after collecting all crystals.

Running away from enemies after all crystals have been collected will now trigger a “Stop Running Away” warning with a countdown timer. Move back towards enemies to stop the timer. If the timer reaches zero you will die.

The game now initiates a 1 minute overtime if time reaches zero before all crystals have been collected.