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Survivor Cells » 2nd Update: Exciting Resources Await!

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to share an amazing update with you – the arrival of our Laboratory (Meta Progression)!

The “Laboratory” allows you to make permanent upgrades to Remedies to boost your journey. Now, you can level up certain skill levels, unlock unique remedies, and gain more slots for genetic evolution!

Main News:

– Meta Progression (Laboratory)

– New Remedy (Exclusive Laboratory)
Increases the life time of proteins before they disappear.


– Balancing
– Significant improvements in Cell 02’s Ultimate.
– Enhancement in the Angry Collector remedy.
– Turret Slots (Freely position where to place the turrets for future updates)
– Visual range of attack for the Turrets
– Addition of the Health Line in the tutorial
– Access our Discord directly from the Start screen if desired.

Bug Fixes:

– Nanobot and selection screen bug.
– Bugs in the “Star” Cell Ultimate have been fixed.
– General minor bug fixes.
– Text and translation adjustments.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of these updates! Keep exploring and enjoying the game.

See you soon!