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Gunlocked » 2nd Gunning DLC Patch v.1.51

It’s amazing what people can find, and what I can miss in testing. I’d like to say “Stop breaking my game!”, and “Get off my lawn!” but in truth, as a solo dev with only a couple part time helpers to test, there’s just no way to catch everything, even if I quadrupled testing times.

So I am grateful for this awesome community, and those active discord members that find every weird edge case (and some things where apparently I was just an idiot), and have the patience as I do my best to stomp turts (I mean squash bugs).

Anyway, with this update being a bit bigger than the other hotfixes, and INCLUDING the numberous (*numerous, but “numberous” should be a word) hotfixes, I figured I’d combine everything here, and move to version 1.51.

Oh, and anything that applies to stuff in the base game is obviously fixed for those players too.

Here’s what’s new in the world of bugs (v.1.51):

  • Fixed a bug with Drone Cloner that could trigger an inactive drone weapon while playing as Ace
  • When Drone Cloner copies Bullet Buddies and Thunder Drone, the cuplicate icon will now be green like other Cloned icons.
  • Fixed an issue that could break Dronerang/Clonerang if an Overclock powerup ended at just the right time
  • Omega Cannon’s basic attack should no longer stop permanently at any point
  • Fixed an issue where Omega Cannon would get extra powerup duration from the Power Cell augment, but would not fire for the extra duration
  • Fixed an issue where Beta Backup would store an EMP state instead of a powerup (EMP shares part of the powerup system which is why its timer looks like a powerup timer)
  • Fixed a long standing bug (I didnt know was in the game) where Static Surge would remove Kinetoshield AND not prevent the EMP at the end. It will still remove Kinetoshield if active, but Kinetoshield will now protect you from Surge’s EMP effect so it’s not totally wasted.
  • Also fixed an issue that could trigger an extra Static Surge when Kinetoshield was also equipped
  • Added some code to prevent where interactions between Junk collectibles and the aftermod Dirty Bomb
  • Certain aftermods had overlapping codex indexes that would cause some to unlock when they shouldnt, and some to not unlock at all.

1.50a-1.50f Recap
  • Fixed an indexing issue with Symbionics. The correct symbionic upgrades should unlock for Time Suck and Sunbuster now
  • Put in a protection for creating too many Big Shot projectiles. This is a first step because I can’t replicate the issue myself, but I’ve seen screenshots. I identified an area that could be problematic, but keep the feedback coming and if any more changes are required I’ll add them to the next patch

  • Fixed an issue with certain symbionics unlocking the wrong codex entries
  • Fixed an issue with Moon Moth creating lasers upon dying and the lasers remaining on screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Moon Moth could trigger projectile attacks for a few seconds after dying
  • Added additional shields to the Moon Moth 2 and 3 fights (more adjustments may be necessary)

  • Achievements should be active now! Seems I left a debug command on that locked them. Will check back in the morning. The proper morning.

  • Fixed an issue that gave Echo Lock an extra level that did nothing
  • Fixed an issue that caused Circuit Maker to break if you equipped or upgraded Radar Array right after creating new targeters (but before they found targets and activated)
  • Achievement “Infinite Improbability” should now correctly unlock with 30+ trial level (and the other conditions met)
  • Abzorber’s powerup icon is no longer blank when active (in the bottom right corner). This will apply to people on version 1.25 as well.

  • Fixed some issues with elemental rounds, and fireside that could cause issues with scope. The game could get confused and think every enemy at once was being hit by a single projectile.
  • Fixed an issue with choosing the Aimbot augment on Ace that would instead grant no augment
  • Removed the text that indicated Beta Backup had a recharge timer

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent trophies from appearing on the pilots that you’ve beaten a zone with. This fix will retroactively make some trophies appear, but not others. You may need to beat a zone with certain pilots again (Sorry!).
  • Fixed an issue with bosses unlocking the wrong codex entry (this will not change entries already unlocked, but prevent the issue in the future)
  • Fixed an issue that made Symbionic descriptions appear for the wrong entries in the codex
  • Updates to the options menu: Particle FX changed to Visual FX and “on/off” for that category changed to “low/high.” A handful of newer effects were also tied into this option.
  • Various small typos fixed