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Gunlocked » 2nd Gunning DLC Hotfix v.1.51d

Some final cleanup, and one elusive bug. I don’t expect too many patches in the near future unless something utterly game breaking turns up. With everyone’s feedback, screenshots, video, I’ve been able to locate and squash remaining bugs relatively quickly. Honestly, certain comments and media here and on discord have helped me solve problems faster than I might have alone.


  • Small changes to loot generation have been implemented for owners of the DLC. While not a major overhaul, expect to find fewer utilities in general, and fewer random upgrades (the highest randomization still occurs at level 1).
  • Beta Backup should now always properly update to the most recently collected powerup
  • Gravity Wave/Rupture Wave should FINALLY stop disappearing in the inventory menu
  • The Arc Tech utility will now be more apt to show up in electric builds
  • Tyrantulord Boss should no longer be sometimes destroyed during a dash attack
  • The achievement High Voltage should now properly count the new electric weapons (it was counting the utilities already).