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Gunlocked » 2nd Gunning DLC Hotfix v.1.51a

Another edge case issue fixed up, a couple more weird things that didn’t happen in the debug testing, and a couple more “oops” moments in my sleep deprived brain

  • Omega Cannon should no longer break if Overclock ends at just the right moment (similar to how it affected Dronerang)
  • The wrong locked icon for the “Transformer” augment has been replaced
  • Bug Catcher’s achievement progress will now properly update. It was properly tracking and unlocking, so this is just a visual issue. You’ll need to play one game and die/win/quit to update the stat tracking.
  • Improb Drive augment will now only unlock if you have all other augments unlocked. If you already unlocked Improb Drive it will stay unlocked to prevent any weird issues where it will become stuck equipped on a pilot.
  • The research for Transformer will now properly complete/unlock the augment.