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Thriller Garden » 23/11/21 Update

1. Reduced the mobility and health of the basic zombies in the Forest Cemetery level, reducing the overall difficulty of the level

2. Reduced the generation speed of basic zombies in the Forest Cemetery level, reducing the overall difficulty of the level

3. Greatly reduces the difficulty of unlocking characters, making it easier for players to unlock characters other than cowboys

4. Fixed a bug in the Forest Cemetery level where the Fly Lord appeared and no matter how long the player waited, they were unable to win. We apologize for any players who experienced a bad experience due to this bug.

5. Adjusted the probability of obtaining various quality upgrade options during upgrade. There are three types of upgrade options available, which are red (optimal), yellow (suboptimal), and white (normal). Currently, the optimal upgrade option has a 10% chance of appearing, the suboptimal upgrade option has a 20% chance of appearing, and the normal upgrade option has a 70% chance of appearing.

6. (Important) Provide players with an additional upgrade option based on their tendency to upgrade, which has a high probability of meeting their upgrade direction. This option is located at the end of all upgrade options. Avoid players constantly being unable to find upgrade options that meet their needs.