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Bing in Wonderland » 22th Sep! Power-Up Edtion Big Update!

Gameplay, Power Upgraded!

The entire game flow has been revamped to 13 major levels, each containing 12 minor levels and 1 BOSS. Players need to complete 6 boons (skills) and construct 6 battle props during the gameplay of 12 minor levels, eventually challenging the BOSS. (Now you can purchase up to three items at once!)
Weapons, power upgraded!

The operations and gameplay of bows, guns, and cannons have been overhauled, making normal attacks and special techniques easier to operate, and introducing charged attacks, enriching the gameplay!
Axes and harps now have charged attacks, powerful enough to split a mountain! Soul-chasing death melody!
The corresponding props for each weapon have also been modified!

Boons, Power Upgraded!

All boons of the hero “Radish” have been redone, now radish bombs can be generated faster and can track enemies. The more boons of “Radish” the player learns, the more radish bombs can be released at once.
All boons of the hero “Foot” have been redone, the “Sensitive Foot” no longer slows down the target during rotation, but can stun the target for 2 seconds, immensely powerful.
Enhanced the boons of the hero “Monkie”, the more “Monkie” boons learned, the higher the chance of triggering the lightning chain.
Enhanced the boons of the hero “Yiiiii”, the more “Yiiiii” boons learned, the larger the size of the sword control. Also, the appearance of the small sword is more fantastical now!
Enhanced the boons of the hero “Doozie”, when specific conditions are met, “Doozie” will transform into the terrifying “Green Giant Doozie”, immensely powerful. The more “Doozie” boons learned, the higher the damage Doozie can inflict, up to an additional 100% damage.
Other boons have also been enhanced to varying degrees, making the gameplay richer.

Personality, Power Upgraded!

Players can now equip up to 5 personalities, allowing for richer personality builds, immensely powerful.
Several personalities have also been strengthened, such as:

The jumping personality, now the third jump will trigger a yellow explosion.
The bullet-stepping personality, the bullets stepped on will now track enemies.
Can’t remember the others.
Other content, power upgraded!
All content during the adventure can now be obtained through “whining”, giving players more freedom to choose between “whining” and “spending money”.
Returning to the main menu during the adventure will save progress, allowing you to continue your adventure next time.

Auto Attack & Auto Butt Slam!

You can now learn “Auto Attack” and “Auto Butt Slam” at the bonfire, players can freely switch them on or off according to their needs. (After enabling auto attack and butt slam, the game experience will completely change, turning into “Vampire Survival Potato Bing”)