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Dungeon 100 » 2023/8/10 Update Log

New Challenge Mode:
In Challenge Mode, players can challenge other players’ completed saves in Classic Mode or upload their own completed saves for others to challenge.

New Achievement System:
Added 21 achievements.

Other Changes:
1.All buff skills now simultaneously benefit from attack speed and casting speed bonuses.
2.Carnivorous Plant no longer benefits from Warlock synergy’s summoning quantity bonus.
3.Gambler: Adjusted to a 6-star card, increased critical damage adjustment to 200%/400%/800%.
4.Balance: Adjusted to a 5-star card, skill effect adjusted so that all cards are considered as 3/4/5 stars.
5.Chaos bonus: Adjusted so that for each different synergy activated, Chaos damage is increased by 15%/30%/60%, with a maximum of 120%/240%/480%.
6.Hand of Fate: Adjusted to a 5-star card. The damage you inflict fluctuates between 1% and 275%/350%/500%.
7.Fixed a bug where Dragon Form would cause Resurrection and Summon Skeleton to malfunction.
8.Fixed a bug where Loot Box would trigger the Wolfman Form.
9.Fixed a bug where the bottom-left avatar did not switch correctly.
10.Optimized some text descriptions.
11.Added the ability to view synergies and card descriptions in the Three-in-One Reward selection interface and the Card Collection interface.