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BloodDome Classic » 20,000 activations! And REMASTER now unlockable without entering email

BloodDome Classic is a passion project made by 2 gamers. I can’t describe how excited we are that within our first 3 days on Steam we’ve had 20,000 players show interest in our game! Not to mention all the great feedback in reviews and on our Discord.

However, there was one piece of negative feedback I heard from a few places. Some of you felt like it was manipulative to require you to join the mailing list to unlock REMASTER mode. After thinking about it ourselves, we agree. So, we have added a button to to unlock REMASTER without entering your email. In the ‘Mailing List’ option under ‘Extras’ you’ll now see a button that says ‘I don’t want to share my email.’ If you’ve already entered your email you won’t see this, but if you want to be removed from our mailing list feel free to use the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in any email we send you. Removing your email will not affect the content in BDC.

With that being said, we still really hope you WILL choose to join our mailing list. We put in a lot of work to bring you this game completely for free with no plans of microtransactions or paid DLC. We do plan to continue to support it with free content updates. If you’re enjoying the game it would mean a lot to us if you kept in touch and stuck around to see our next project.

Finally, if you haven’t, please consider leaving a review! Reviews are very helpful for small developers because the more positive reviews we get the more Steam will show us to potential players!