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Return to Abyss » 2.20 Update Instruction

At the same time as this update, a 24% OFF price reduction event will be launched

– Update profile
Brand new character “Evil Hall Master – Chiho Lily”
A runaway girl who dropped out of school rebelliously, the head of a bad gang.
Weapon: “Gasoline Chainsaw”
Driven by a gasoline engine, it has exquisite paintwork and is a favorite of girls.

New map “Fruit Planet”
Vigorous life is nothing in front of the laws of the universe.

New skin
“Gala Lady-Isa”: The noble beauty at the party is everyone’s dream lover.
“Combat Body No. 7-IAA”: When necessary, the IAA will project consciousness into the bionic body to fight.

New entourage: “Ghost Maiden” Yue Shiru
New props: magic barrier scroll, overload chip
New drinks: Mountain Fort Spring, Omen of Mutation
New Collection: Diploma
New Achievements: Bad Apple, Broken Body, Shell Day
Follower feature change function
Added the function of adjusting the effect of monsters being hit, which can reduce the brightness performance of monsters when they are hit

Optimization and fixes:
1. Fixed the problem that sometimes the Bow of Falling Star cannot be nailed to obstacles after possessing penetration
2. Optimized the problem that in the asteroid base, the invisible units used to control the generation of monsters and guide the movement of monsters will interrupt the player’s fanaticism and block bullets
3. Fixed the problem that the effect of needle clusters would disappear after a certain period of time when bullets with “needle cluster waxing” existed
4. Fixed the problem that monsters would be instantly killed in some cases
5. Fixed the problem of full-screen flames appearing in Wildfire III under certain circumstances
6. Fixed the problem of entering the supply box abnormally
7. Fixed the problem that monsters guarding gold coins did not appear in some levels
8. Fixed the problem that the knight thugs caused huge damage after being caught in the body by the boss in the inner world when sprinting

Balance adjustments:
1. Rocket Cat
Base: Damage increased by 20%
Non-specialization: Damage increased by 20%, attack cooldown reduced by 50%
Blue: Attack cooldown reduced by 20%
Purple: Damage increased by 20%
Red: damage increased by 50%
2. Wildfire III-Aero Booster: Doubles the damage and doubles the interval between damage to the same enemy
3. Gun of Light: The tracking speed of the infrared seeker is doubled
4. One-word knife: the flame of the fuel film increases

1. Little Sarah: Reduce the difficulty of triggering the roundabout